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Friday Factoid: Repaying Loans for Michigan Law Alumni

The University of Michigan Law School’s Debt Management Programs are among the most progressive in the country—given that so many students attend Michigan Law for its strong ties to public service work, which is generally a lower-paying career path for lawyers. The programs, also known as the Loan Repayment Assistance Programs, help students who choose … Read More →

Friday Factoid: Student-Run Organizations at Stanford Law

Although Stanford Law School is one of the smaller law schools in the United States, with approximately 600 full-time students, the program allows its aspiring JDs to find their niche and pursue specific areas of the law through student-run journals and organizations. Stanford Law currently publishes 12 online and/or printed student-run journals that give students … Read More →

The “Anti-Social” Life: Trade Backpacks for Golf Bags at Stanford Law

Law school students have a reputation for burying their heads in their books, so we offer this weekly series, “The ‘Anti-Social’ Life,” to illustrate that they can enjoy a life of leisure as well. Hundreds of public golf courses are located within 30 miles of Palo Alto, California, the home of Stanford Law School—good news … Read More →