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Friday Factoid: 1L Section Initiative at Harvard Law

Started in 2001, the 1L Section Initiative at Harvard Law School divides each class of first-year students (1Ls) into seven sections of approximately 80 people each. Each section is led by a faculty leader and self-selected student volunteers. This initiative was proposed in 2000 as a way of “providing students with feedback and appropriate advising, the proper … Read More →

The “Anti-Social” Life: Beeritas and In Vino Veritas at Harvard Law

Law school students have a reputation for burying their heads in their books, so we offer this weekly series, “The ‘Anti-Social’ Life,” to illustrate that they can enjoy a life of leisure as well. If you have an appreciation for beer and/or wine, you might want to check out Beeritas and In Vino Veritas at Harvard Law School. These … Read More →

In Other News… Equality at Harvard Law’s Orientation, Getting a JD in Your 70s, and Safe Space Discussion at the University of Chicago

The legal field is changing constantly, making it difficult to stay on top of the latest news. In addition to our regular news posts, we offer a glimpse at other relevant stories in the legal realm.  During the 2015–2016 academic year, Harvard Law School (HLS) struggled with claims of inequality, most often associated with the … Read More →