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We know that every law school applicant is unique and so may need advice at different stages of the application process. We therefore offer aspiring JDs a choice of one of two free services: (1) a free, 30-minute phone consultation during which a jdMission consultant will answer any initial questions you may have about the admissions process, school selection, resume revisions, or other application-related issues, or (2) a free personal statement review, for which you submit a draft of your essay, and a jdMission consultant will give you constructive feedback on your work. Please choose which one of these free services you would prefer and provide some introductory information about yourself so we can start with a basic understanding of your profile. Once you have submitted the information requested on this page, a jdMission representative will either contact you within one business day to arrange a time for your free half-hour consultation or return your critiqued personal statement to you in three business days. We look forward to learning more about you and offering our insight on your law school ambitions.

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