What to Expect in Law School: Trial Advocacy/Mock Trial

At the end of the day, we’re pretty convinced that most prospective JD students decide to go to law school after watching a few episodes (or seasons) of Perry Mason or Law & Order or some other courtroom drama. When you get to law school, though, you may not experience the thrill of these dramatic television shows when you open your torts casebook. Fear not! Law schools offer students a chance to step into the role of “real-life lawyer” through trial advocacy/mock trial, wherein students are given a fact pattern and then play the part of one of the lawyers, examining or cross-examining other students who act as witnesses. Trial advocacy/mock trial can be a really fun way to live out your TV fantasy—and some schools even offer course credit for the exercise. Previous experience is of course not necessary, though having participated in debate in college can certainly help.

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