LSAT Sanity: Time Management Techniques

Timing can be everything—especially on the LSAT.  Running out of time to answer questions is one of the most frustrating—and universal—problems test takers face. The test is designed to challenge your ability to pace yourself and allocate time efficiently. If you find that the clock is wreaking havoc with your ability to answer all the questions and answer them accurately, then consider listening to Law School Podcaster’s latest podcast, “Beat the LSAT Clock,” featuring  jdMission LSAT prep partner Manhattan LSAT’s Noah Teitelbaum and other guests as they outline a plan to put you on pace to get everything done within the allotted time and give you the tools you need to maximize the number of points you earn. As Noah says, “There’s a strict 35-minute time limit in there, not so much to test how fast you think, it’s to test whether you know how to prioritize what to do.”

Check out Law School Podcaster’s “Beat the LSAT Clock,” and learn time management techniques to put you on pace for a higher LSAT score today.

June 7, 2012

LSAT Sanity

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